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How to Choose a WordPress Blog Theme?


The primary thing that will appear to one’s mind, when made the decision to create a weblog on a topic they are enthusiastic about, is choice of the template or theme for their blog site. There are varieties of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, etc. If you perform a search on Search engines for the blogging platforms, you will find a list of those. Between all, WordPress is most well-known and has a large number of weblogs designed using this system. It is Start Resource venture and is totally free to use.

In this content, I will tell you how to choose on a WordPress blog theme. A WordPress blog theme is nothing but software used to develop your weblog site. It includes various layouts or files which work simultaneously in the background to provide you the preferred feel and look for your weblog site.

Following the below guidelines help you to choose your WordPress blog theme simply and effectively.

  1. Theme category: this resource what is your weblog site all about. It describes the type of viewers you want to focus on your weblog site to. For case, if you desire to create a weblog about pets, then your weblog site comes under the Animals category. Or if you like to focus on to the people enthusiastic about food preparation then you classification would be Food. Find out your categorization allows you to discover the right concept and thus preserving your time and effort in the method of setting it up and later solving it. There are themes in each significant category which range from Travel to Songs to Business. You will discover these at the WordPress Theme listing and also at variety of sites like free wordpress blog themes, themestudio, Bloghelpline.
  2. Layouts and Colors: Some blogger like to have their preferred theme to their weblogs site. So, try setting your themes in those colors and shade as much as probable but this may not be probable forever even though there are thousands of wordpress blog themes which coordinate every wish. Also there is another benefit in using a theme of your preferred color as you do not require changing many in the theme to find your color. But I suggest not concentrating much on this part because it is not that challenging to change it later once you are calm with the code after it. Rather think on the layout of the theme. Choose on what kind of layout you desire. Surf during the list of themes you contain at and other sites located above. This provides you with a concept of how it seems and then you can quickly create up your mind. There are varieties of templates available, but well-known are:

Fluid width

Single Column

Four columns

Three Columns

Two Columns (With Sidebar)

Fixed width

Two Columns (Without Sidebar)

Also there are some templates created for Images based and Video clips based weblogs. I experience you have to choose a theme which you can stay with it for lengthy lasting as you are the one who trips your weblog site the most. Research some themes with some analyze content and webpages. Categorize them, Comment them and see how the best theme looks. This is the right way to make sure you have the correct theme. Don’t perceive the weblog theme from your own perspective but from your visitor’s perspective.

  1. Support service: make sure you’ll get the support service you required while applying the theme from the website owner or author. I have seen many periods, that the website holder from where the theme is downloadable could not able to help the customer who have downloadable and used it for their weblog since they aren’t designed by himself but someone else and he is only advertising them. If this is the situation when you require the support service most, then it would cause to disappointment and pointless for you.

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