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How to Speed up your Android phone in less than 3 minutes By Following 5 Steps !


Working for a long time on a Android phone may make your phone so slow, especially by accumulating a lot of downloaded files over time, or it may be that your device is technically weak in front of some applications. In this blog post, I’ll show you some tips to make your phone faster.

1. Clear ‘Cache’ regularly

It really necessary that you delete Cache regularly, because they consume a large space of the device, and by clean it, your Android phone will be fast.
The method to clean Cache is very simple that can be done manually or automatically.
To do it manually, It’s enough to go to ‘Settings‘ then ‘General‘ and click on ‘Application manager‘, select any application in the list and click on the ‘Clear Cache‘. As you, It was very long and complicated, So I advise you to download ‘Clear Cache‘ that will allow you to delete Cache all applications with a single click.

2. Delete unnecessary applications from your phone

The large number of applications slow down your device, specially those who runs in the background and a large size of RAM, so delete those you don’t use now!

3. Delete all Widgets


Delete Widgets that consume a large capacity of Ram in your phone, because they have a visual effects that force your phone to use more RAM in order to keep them showed and update them continuously. You can delete those widgets from the main screen of the phone and all secondary screens by clicking on the widget you want to delete and keep your finger on until the deleted property show.

4. Clean Ram periodically

Use some applications that clean the Ram is very important. Once you feel that you’re phone is getting slow don’t hesitate to use ‘Smart RAM Booster‘ that clean your RAM every hour.

5. Liberate Internal storage on your phone


A study done by Fitzpatrick on this topic show phones set to factory mode are working more better compared to phones with filled internal storage. For that, I advise you to move all applications to You SD card.

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