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Top 3 Launchers You Must Try it on Your Android Phone !

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A lot of Android users suffers from the poor design of their home screens because most companies adopt simple design, so if you are thinking to get a new design, speed up your phone and extend the life of battery, then you should follow this blog-post!

The first application: Nokia Z Launcher

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This application comes to us from Nokia. It is simple to use and have an attractive design, in addition that you can read notifications only from the lock screen without opening the phone. Get this app: Nokia Z Launcher

The second application: Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 adopt a special design called ‘Material Design’. After installing the application, you will notice a change at icons of applications and forms of files. Get this app: Action Launcher 3

The third application: Nova Launcher


Nova is among the best applications. If you  suffer from a slow transition between applications, then with Nova Launcher, you will get rid of such bugs as getting a new look for your phone. This launcher depends on both ‘Flat Design’ and ‘Material Design’. Get this app : Nova Launcher

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